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Where to find Fast Food Near Me Open Now? If you are looking for fast food restaurants open now that deliver, just use the below map to find the nearest location to your zone.

It’s well-known that fast food was created during the ancient Roman periods where cooked foods were accessible instantly during festivals and games. Fast food acquired noticeable after Merriam-Webster dictionary distinguished it in 1951. In some nations such as India, the fast food market is growing and exploding at the rate of 41% every year.

Fast food is one, which is accessible readily and served to clients through a fast service. Its culture began significantly as an urban phenomenon to meet the demands of busy individuals. Further, the idea of fast food is quite old; however, it became professional and modernized after the end of World War II.

Use this map to find fast food restaurants near you that are open now:

Following are some fast food history facts and famous fast food outlets today:


Began as a drive-in resto in the US, this has outlets spreads throughout the globe. The founding fathers were Mac and Dick McDonalds. This fast food sells foodstuff ranging from milkshakes, French fries, soft drinks, milk, and hamburgers. As of today, it has more than 31,000 outlets across the globe in over 126 countries and its business revenue is 13 billion every year.


7-Eleven is one of those sought-after food outlets in the US, which is written in the fast food history. It’s popular in the United States with more than 7,100 outlets and sells different refrigerated foods and ice blocks.

Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC

KFC is another popularly known fast food chain in the world. This was established by Harland Sanders in the year 1930 as a single outlet. Now, it has an international presence. KFC is better acknowledged for its crispy and delicious fried chicken and it claims of a recipe, which is very confidential.

White Castle

Known as the oldest food chain in the fast food history in the US, White Castle was founded by Billy Ingram in 1921 fast food near me open nowin Wichita, Kansas. The corporation has the massive reputation of being the very first one to sell a billion burgers in the market.

These days, fast food chains have spread around the globe. There are lot more famous chains, which are included in the fast food history such as Dairy Queen, Carl’s Arby’s, and more telling that fast food is not always about burgers. Actually, Chinese food and pizza, and just about any kind of food imaginable are now accessible for fast food and take-out chains across the world. Fast food history in the US is the foundation of fast food as we understand it now, and that history has made billionaires out of the many individuals who first started the concept of fast food.


Fast Food Near Me Open Now
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