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If you are looking for the closest pawn shops near to your location that are open now, just use the below map to find their locations and contact details.

Pawn Shops: Why Selling Gold at Pawn Shops is Beneficial to You

When we talk about selling gold, you have lots of options for buyers. You will find general pawn shops, banks and collecting shops. However, if you prefer to sell a collection of gold items like gold coins, gold bars, gold nuggets, dental work or gold jewelry, then you require a specialist shop. Pawn shops specializing in gold would be able to please your needs.

Use this map to find pawn shops near you that are open now:

Collecting Shops

If you’re planning to trade coins, you can opt to collect shops. Most of these stores will be glad to take your gold coins off your custody, but that the manner they will value them will be quite different than you would anticipate. Since these shops specialize in coins, they will treat your gold coins exclusively as coins and not consider the gold in them.

Normally, that calculation doesn’t consider the existing market value of gold. This denotes you could get less than the worth of the gold unless the coins are valuable and rare.


A lot of banks will offer you a significant price for any gold wafers and bars, which you might have. They are glad to perform the exchange and pay punctually. Nevertheless, they will not look at any other kinds of gold including gold nuggets, jewelry or coins. The nature of their business is that these facilities only deal with particular types of gold, pawn shops open now 2so for the majority of people, their services will be impractical.

Why Pawn Shops Are the Ideal Option

On the subject of gold, pawn shops are the ideal option. They specialize in paying high-dollar for any kind of gold, which includes nuggets, watches, gold dental works and jewelry. Apart from that, they base these prices on the latest spot price for gold. This denotes that you’ll get high dollar for what you bring in the store regardless of what form it might be in.

Where to Find One?

Since the advent of the internet, there have been countless of these gold specialty stores, which provide their services online. They offer you with insured postage in order to deliver your gold in and have a fast turnaround time for processing payments. Further, it’s very convenient as well as you can exchange the gold from the comfort of your home.

Shop around and read useful reviewers to find the best pawn shops. Although the majority of people would believe in going to a conventional pawn shop, coin collector or bank, none of these facilities will offer you the best value for your money.

Pawn Shops Near Me Open Now
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