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Craving for scrumptious and tasty pizza that features all the ingredients you want? Pizza Hut has become a household name because of its popularity over the years. In fact, you see it in commercials, billboards and even in the movies, since it has become an important part of every pizza lover’s life. So, if you are looking to find out more about this famous restaurant, then check out these fascinating details on its history and background that come way back the late 1950s.

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How Pizza Hut Came to Be

Frank and Dan Carney were merely regular guys with a passion for great food. Driven by their interest in making delectable pizza, they decided to open a restaurant that serves this well-loved dish. Thus, in 1958, Wichita, Kansas witnessed the birth of a local pizza shop that was to become a worldwide brand. All it took them was the strong desire to pursue this business, along with their dedication to proceed to put up a restaurant that serves their favorite food of all time – pizza. The Carney brothers borrowed some money from their mother, and this funded their business that was set up along with John Bender, who became their partner.

The brothers including their business partner decided to rent a building located in downtown Wichita, which was at 503 South Bluff. To get started, they bought secondhand appliances to make their pizza. When everything was in place, the very first Pizza Hut restaurant opened, and the community warmly received this. In fact, they gave the pizza away to boost attention and interest from the public, which apparently worked.

The restaurant was small, and it could only seat as much as 25 customers. As for the name of the restaurant, they only had a limited slot for this, and just nine letters can fit on the sign. Since the restaurant looked like a hut, and they served pizza, they decided to give the name Pizza Hut to their business – and the name remained for decades!

Huge success Over the Years

By 1959, the Pizza Hut restaurant was incorporated in Kansas. Moreover, a franchise unit was opened by Dick Hassur in Topeka. After a decade and a half, the first Pizza Hut in the United Kingdom was established, and it continued to meet the demands of customers throughout the country. At present, this company that is a PepsiCo, Inc subsidiary now has over 11,000 restaurants with delivery outlets in about 90 countries worldwide.

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